Rice Memorial Baptist Church
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement
Rice Memorial Baptist Church exists to be a faithful expression of the church of Jesus Christ; seeking to know, love and serve God, and to make Him known in our community and around the world, following the Bible in all matters of faith and practice.
Mission Statement
It is the mission of Rice Memorial Baptist Church to proclaim Christ Jesus, and to live out and share the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures and that He was raised from the dead and that by putting our faith and trust solely in Him as our Lord and in His finished work for the forgiveness of sins, we are guaranteed eternal life with Him in heaven.  To do this we are called to:
1)  Be a Place of God-Centered Worship
As God's people, it is our purpose to glorify and rejoice in Him.  We meet to praise and worship the one true God (in His triune nature: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to proclaim the gospel to all people.  We strive to keep the primary focus of this time on worshiping God in spirit and truth.
2)  Be a Place Where Believers are Discipled and Equipped
We endeavor to build up the body of believers by teaching and studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and by equipping our members for the work of ministry in which God has called them.  This includes equipping members to be a godly presence in the family, workplace and community; to be ready to share the good news; to be godly examples to those we meet; and to develop good habits of personal and family discipleship, prayer and devotions.
3)  Be Christ's Ambassadors in this World
We will pray for and engage our community, our region and our world, providing for spiritual and physical needs by serving and/or supporting local, regional and global efforts to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to minister to the needs of a fallen and broken world.