Welcome to Rice Memorial
Thursday, September 20, 2018

New to Rice?

     We are a small church formed in 1961.  About 40 people attend worship on Sunday mornings.  We have mostly empty-nesters and seniors; some kids and young people.  We're a very close and loving church family who care deeply for one another.  We share joys and we share sorrows.  We laugh together and cry together.  Some of us dress up and some are business casual.  We pray for our community and surrounding communities regularly.  We want to see people come to know the abundant life that marks a true Christian.


     Our services are traditional and Christ centered.  We have piano and occasional clarinet or guitar.  No loud bands.  No earplugs needed.  We sing mostly hymns and time-tested spiritual songs.  We would be considered conservative in our theology and practice.  I preach straight from the Bible.  I hold fast to the principles set forth in the Bible.  When you attend Rice, you'll hear what the Bible has to say about the heaven, hell, the world and how we are to live.  At Rice, we believe that we are to align ourselves with God's principles as given to us in the Bible.